Our Hut

Our hut was put up around 1980. It has served us well but is now starting to show its age and needs some updating to keep up with the demands of a modern, inclusive Scout Group like ours.

The Hut

We have started a campaign to modernise and improve the hut and got parents, former scouts and local businesses interested in helping us out. But we need even more help. 

In association with My Donate we are trying to raise funds to replace our windows, carry out roof repairs and refurbish the kitchen and toilet areas. 

With your support we have already had a new boiler installed and this has made a huge difference - we finally have hot water in the toilets and can wash up at the end of the night without boiling the kettle!

Please help us out with whatever amount you can. As little as £5 would make a difference. 

We have already made a huge start on improving the surroundings of the hut, as you will see below, but there is still a lot to do inside and out. Please help if you can.

In June 2012, our Explorer unit helped to clear the green area along one side of the hut. It was vastly improved but their good work was only the beginning. 



In October 2012 a small army of volunteers turned out on a lovely Autumn day to clear the space around the hut itself. Our thanks go out to you all. The results are amazing - see the photos below.

Our overgrown back yard as it was...

And after a lot of hard work by friends of the Group.

Following on from the start made by the Explorers...

The fence is visible once more and we have much more space available.

The lockers along the edge of the hall were damp and musty...

With the soil cleared down to the level of the slab, the problem is already beginning to go away.