15th - 17th March 2013 - Chase Walk

This year's Chase Walk is on the 16th of March.  

For Scouts, this is a 13 mile walk around Cannock Chase. The Scouts walk in a team and have to visit check points.  They are on their own with no adult assistance other than at the check points.  

Explorers and leaders can do the longer (40-mile) version.

More details about the Walk can be found here.

There are 7 spaces on the Scouts team so anyone interested will need to bring a £7 deposit to Scouts during the next couple of weeks.  The leaders will then chose a team and return the deposits to those not taking part.  If they are not chosen this year, they will have the opportunity to take part next year.

We will travel up to Beaudesert camp site on the 15th and return on the 17th.