Menu Ideas for Camps

Arrival Night

If you roll up at the camp site on a Friday night, you probably don't want to spend ages cooking as you've got tents to put up and arrangements to make. Some of your Scouts may have eaten before they set off. So don't go overboard - try hot dogs!

There is a large selection of tinned hot dogs available, depending on your budget. Supermarket own-brand and Quorn vegetarian alternatives are available in the freezer aisle.

Hot dogs can be warmed up in minutes. Pop them in a split roll and serve - no need for plates, so less to wash up!


Cost: 20 - 50 pence per serving


How about getting your Scouts to help build a fire and then having a barbecue? This gives them an activity during the morning while they collect firewood and they contribute towards the preparation of the meal.

Lots of camp sites provide altar fires and these can be readily adapted for cooking purposes.

There is a massive choice of items suitable for barbecuing - vegetables, burgers, sausages, fish and meat joints - to suit all budgets and dietary requirements.

Evening Meal

Try a delicious pasta bolognese! The sauce can be made in advance and the pasta just takes a few minutes to cook so it can fit round your other activities.